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Take a career in writing and publishing, add agency-side marketing experience and layer over a background in adult learning. Our distinct user-focus and consumer perspective is invaluable to brands competing for eyes and dollars.

Miranda Miller entered the online marketing sphere in 2004 as a copywriter for some of the web’s first marketing gurus. In just a few short years, she’d ghostwritten over 60 e-books, hundreds of online articles, and a financial guide published by Wiley & Sons.

As the Internet’s demand for quality content grew, so too did the demand for a project-based contractor—a “hired gun”—with a combination of creative, analytical, and project management skills. Miranda successfully completed a number of term contracts with defined objectives: 

as Marketing Director with an SEO firm...

to build the brand’s profile and develop business in new markets;

as Special Projects & Support with a government-funded NPO...

to build digital literacy resources and facilitate the organization of Canada’s first Transliteracy Conference;

as Writer with the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade & Employment...

to craft the web copy used by the Government of Ontario to attract foreign investment in the region.

As Content Marketing Manager with an agency, Miranda provided marketing and editorial services to a Fortune 50 brand with over 30 author personas. As Associate Editor with Incisive Media, she managed a roster of over 80 contributing authors and a publishing schedule of 6x daily. Also widely published in digital marketing and SEO, hers became a respected and authoritative voice online.

In the years that followed, Miranda launched MEDIAau, a boutique content marketing agency with a roster of professional writers and editors that served big-ticket B2C and SaaS clients. Her agency won a long-term client the prestigious ‘Best Cruise Industry Blog’ award from Travel Weekly in 2015.

In addition to managing client accounts and marketing talent agency-side, Miranda has continued to ghostwrite for C-level software, SEO and digital marketing executives since 2010. For years, she was the public-facing persona of an Inc 5000 ‘Fastest Growing Company’ executive, crafting thought leadership material, creating PR opportunities, and driving communications strategy.

Even today, faithful readers of well-known marketing and advertising publications may be reading Miranda’s (ghostwritten or byline) advice and insights in their favourite columns.


How Can I Help

{ Looking for a creative yet no-BS content consultant to help take your marketing to the next level? Miranda is available for strategic consulting on a limited basis.

Sick of planning and publishing so much content only to wonder why it doesn’t produce? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Miranda helps marketing organizations get laser-focused and stop churning out blog posts not even the author’s Mom will ever read. When it’s time to get serious about content quality and the impact 15 years of spray-and-pray publishing is having on your brand, it’s time for some serious, no-fluff content strategy.

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