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From Smarter Strategy to Successful Execution

Content auditing, strategy, planning and promotion with a PR focus and built-in SEO.


Content (/ˈkän·tent/):

{ Content (/ˈkän·tent/): }

the foundation on which successful marketing campaigns are built.

Reap the benefits of having access to a stable of highly skilled and experienced journalists, academics, authors, photographers and videographers without the overhead of your own in-house team. From content audits to annual planning and content creation, we’re a content partner you can rely on. 

Content Creation

{ Content Creation That Exceeds Expectations }

Miranda Miller & Co. are skilled in producing top quality:

  • articles for mainstream media and trade publications
  • copy for online and print advertising
  • blog posts and social media content
  • search engine optimized web content
  • full funnel content mapped to your customer’s purchasing journey
  • case studies and whitepapers
  • webinar and presentation decks
  • e-books, guides and other lead generators
  • email marketing copy and imagery
  • academic and research papers
  • brochures and product descriptions
  • Don’t see what you’re looking for above? Contact us to inquire about our ability to meet your specific content marketing needs.

Content Strategy

{ Content Strategy That Outperforms }

We help brands tap into their in-house repository of knowledge and experiences with content strategy and planning.

Maximize your ROI and the value of your investment in content marketing with our data-backed approach. There’s no one-size-fits-all content plan; we craft a strategy in line with your business goals, marketing budget, competitive landscape and existing assets.

Measurement and accountability are built into your unique plan, with regular performance updates and adjustments to ensure the best results possible.

Recent Clients 

{ Recent Clients }

Content Auditing

{ Content Auditing That Maximizes Conversion & ROI }

Auditing your existing content can reveal new opportunities to delight and engage prospects, improve search rankings and more effectively guide customers on their path to purchase.

Content auditing involves an examination of your entire body of content across the company website and blog, email campaigns, social media and other channels. More than a cursory inventorying of your published works, this is a quantitative and qualitative analysis performed by professionals skilled in both publishing and marketing, that takes into consideration:

  • content quality including depth and expertise
  • writing mechanics and formatting
  • design and image quality
  • optimization for both search engines and human audiences
  • tone of voice, authority and style
  • alignment with your customer’s journey
  • alignment with your business goals

We’ll also gather performance data from first and third-party sources using your analytics and our research tools.

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