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Maximize your investment in content with data-driven content strategy, auditing your existing content assets, campaign planning and more.

Content Strategy & Auditing Services

{ Content Strategy & Auditing Services }

Marketing lives and dies by content. It’s the basis of every communication; the fuel that powers campaigns and drives new business. The right content strategy makes best use of all of your resources—your company’s bank of knowledge and experience, your existing audiences and content assets, and the untapped opportunities in your search, email, social media and other channels.

The right content strategy directly supports your business goals, driving new revenue, loyalty and brand reputation.

Miranda Miller & Co. provide data-driven content strategy and services such as auditing, campaign planning, top quality content creation and repurposing, and paid promotion to maximize your return on investment. We’ve been doing content marketing since well before it was the cool thing to do. Trust the content marketing professionals agencies, thought leaders and influencers turn to when they need support of their own. 

The values Miranda brought to the business were huge as she established and nurtured important industry relationships that helped to build brand authority and grow our readership. Miranda’s ability to synthesize information and publish it in the right content type for each unique audience, on every different platform, is outstanding and I would have no hesitation in recommending that you trust your businesses content strategy in her hands.

Jonathan Allen

former Director, Incisive Media (now CEO of Entrepreneur Quarterly)

What We Offer

{ What We Offer }

Reap the benefits of having access to a stable of highly skilled and experienced journalists, academics, authors, photographers and videographers without the overhead of your own in-house team.

There’s no one-size-fits-all content plan; we craft a strategy in line with your business goals, marketing budget, competitive landscape and existing assets. From content audits and campaign planning to content creation, publication, and promotion, Miranda Miller & Co. is a content partner you can rely on. 

How We Do It

{ How We Do It }

Content Strategy

Our custom content strategy is unique to your business and may include:

  • Content auditing to identify existing challenges and your most lucrative opportunities 
  • Competitor, industry, search performance, keyword/topic, trends, and other content marketing research
  • Publishing supports and guidelines to protect branding, prevent plagiarism and combat other common content issues
  • Content calendar creation and data-driven campaign planning in collaboration with internal marketing teams
  • Content workflow optimization to create efficiencies, improve content quality, establish permissions and governance, and maximize your content ROI
  • Employee training and/or communications to encourage buy-in and participation in your content creation processes
  • Establishing measurement systems, KPIs and metrics that matter to give real insight into your content marketing success
  • Conversion optimization, mobile-friendliness, content repurposing, and other customized recommendations to really move the needle on your content’s performance
  • Monthly reporting according to the business goals established at the onset of our engagement

Want to learn more? Get in touch to explore how our content strategy can help you reach your business goals.

Content Audits

Auditing your existing content can reveal new opportunities to delight and engage prospects, improve search rankings and more effectively guide customers on their path to purchase.

Content auditing involves an examination of your entire body of content across the company website and blog, email campaigns, social media and other channels.

More than a cursory inventorying of your published works, this is a quantitative and qualitative analysis performed by professionals skilled in both publishing and marketing, that takes into consideration:

  • content quality including depth and expertise
  • writing mechanics and formatting
  • design and image quality
  • optimization for both search engines and human audiences
  • tone of voice, authority and style
  • alignment with your customer’s journey
  • alignment with your business goals

We’ll also gather performance data from first and third-party sources using your analytics and our research tools.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch to explore how our content strategy and auditing services can help you reach your business goals.

Recent Clients 

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