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Today, over half of users check their email on their mobile device—and according to Google, people check email 3x more often on mobile than they do on desktop. Miranda Miller & Co. helps small to midsize businesses connect, engage and convert email subscribers with compelling copywriting, data-driven strategy and mobile-friendly designs.

Miranda helped us forge and strengthen connections with key figures and companies within the industry, and even represented our brand at major industry conferences and events. Bottom line: I can’t in good conscience recommend anyone more highly than Miranda.

Danny Goodwin

Former Editor, Search Engine Watch

Connect & Convert with Email

{ Connect & Convert with Email }

Email is an essential part of almost any marketing strategy. Once you’ve attracted that customer’s attention via paid ads, search optimization or social media, how will you keep in touch and stay top of mind?

Our email marketing adheres to technical best practices and also includes top-quality to ensure you have a compelling, convincing presence in your subscribers’ inbox. Our email marketing services typically include:

Newsletter, campaign or funnel design

Professional copywriting including email body text, subject lines and calls-to-action

Image compression and optimization to ensure media can load in subscriber inboxes

Mobile-friendly design and content

Audience segmentation and list management

Measurement and reporting so you have a good view of the efficacy and ROI of your email program

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