Content Audit 

Get customized recommendations to help improve your SEO score, increase search visibility, drive more targeted traffic, and deliver an exceptional experience for consumers with your website’s content. Using an AI-powered content auditing tool with an advanced understanding of Natural Language Processing, we assess Google’s perception of your webpage’s relevance to your target keyword. 

Your Custom SEO Content Audit Report contains:


Topics analysis to see how your content stacks up against your top competitors in the SERPs

Recommendations for keywords typically used in top results related to your page’s content


An analysis of the top 10 search results for your target keyword including their topical relevance and meta data

An accounting of the questions searchers typically ask about the topics relevant to your target keyword

A breakdown of your content’s structure as perceived by Google

An overall SEO score that can be used to gauge the success of your optimization efforts

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{ Want to know more? }

Miranda not only connects the dots between content planning and search strategy, but will also take the time to sit down and evaluate content performance regularly with our team to iterate on our topics, tone and calendar. Since becoming a client, we have seen improvements on out-of-date content, filled gaps in needed content topics, and already ranked top positions for our bottom-funnel keywords. She’s a blast to work with, super creative and data-obsessed. I don’t know how she does it. Thanks for your continued enthusiasm, M 🙂

Rhys Mohun

Marketing Manager, FundThrough

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{ Why choose us? }

15 years experience

500+ clients served

100% remote service

Tailored to your unique needs

Take journalism and publishing experience, add agency-side digital marketing and layer over roots in adult learning and digital literacy. We have a distinct user-focus and consumer perspective that has proven invaluable to brands competing for eyes and dollars.

Miranda Miller & Co. gives you on-demand access to the content and digital marketing expertise your team needs to succeed.