Planning for Business Success After COVID-19 [Video]

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Planning for Post-COVID Success with search experts from Rio SEO, Vizion Interactive and

I recently had the pleasure of participating in an expert panel webinar hosted by enterprise local search software firm Rio SEO and digital marketing agency Vizion Interactive. In ‘Planning for Post-Pandemic Success,’ we talked about managing the market budget, consumer trends in discretionary spending, content strategy and planning, and more as it pertains to a post-COVID business environment.

Coresight Research recently found that 95% of people are avoiding public spaces, and Neilsen expects video consumption to spike. As consumer shelter-in-place and are confined to their homes, everything brands had planned for advertising and operations in 2020 may have changed.

How can businesses both support their long-term initiatives and pivot to recover from COVID-related business interruption in the face of such uncertainty?

One silver lining many companies are finding is that this period of downtime has given them time to get creative, experiment with new media formats, and focus on SEO and digital marketing opportunities they hadn’t had time to explore before. Tapping into Google Trends and first- and third-party analytics data is enabling marketers to quickly respond to changes in consumer behavior. 

Initially, as Coronavirus began to impact business operations, there was a knee-jerk reaction to cut the SEO and advertising budgets in many organizations. However, marketers are now settling into this unusual ‘business-as-usual’ and finding creative ways to redirect budget to more impactful areas. For example, this could be the right time to divert some PPC spend towards promoting content, in order to build an audience for remarketing. 

Thank you again to GMB Gold Product Expert Krystal Taing for moderating, and to panelists Joshua Titsworth, SEO Manager at Vizion Interactive, and Mick Wilson, Vice President of Customer Success at Rio SEO, for the lively and informative discussion on post-COVID business success.

Check out the full webinar video here, and read ‘Planning for Post-Pandemic Success: Expert Panel and Q&A [Webinar Recap]’ at for more actionable takeaways.

Are you set up for post-COVID marketing success? Get in touch and let’s see how we can help.

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