How SEOs & Writers Can Work Together More Effectively: Ask An SEO

by Miranda Miller, originally published in Search Engine Journal

A reader asks, What’s the best way for our SEO pro to create briefs for our topic expert to write about, and where does the editor come in?

Find tips for writers and SEOs on working together collaboratively.

In this edition of Ask An SEO, Zach from Wichita writes us:

“How would an SEO specialist write a content brief for an industry expert with very little writing experience?

Or how should my company structure our content writing process when we have an SEO person, industry expert, and content writer/editor?”

Great question, Zach. Before we dig into content briefs, I have a question: Why is someone with very little writing experience doing the writing?

Writing is a skilled trade.

Sure, some have a natural talent and affinity for it. But many people would rather get dental work without sedation than have to write an article, blog post, or some other form of content for their work.

Time and again, I’ve seen that forcing topic experts to write – even on topics they’re passionate about – fails on every front.

Your topic expert tends to spend way longer than a skilled writer would on the piece.

Maybe marketing asked them to do it. Maybe they’re semi-bought-in as they like the thought leadership…

Originally published on Search Engine Journal. Click here to continue reading

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