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Want to improve your writing and increase the value you offer clients?

Looking for new ways to make money from your writing and maybe even (gasp!) support yourself as a full-time writer?

Curious about remote career opportunities for freelance writers?

You are not alone!

{ You are not alone! }

In fact, I get asked for help so often that I’m now offering a few different resources to help beginner to mid-career writers looking to:

  • find (and keep) higher value clients;
  • build the right business mix, to provide steady and reliable income even as a freelancer;
  • develop a niche that is focused, profitable, and personally rewarding;
  • increase your online visibility and build your brand as a professional writer;
  • manage the business of writing more efficiently, with time-saving tips and tools to make tax filings, contracts, managing multiple currencies and more a snap.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore your writing process and career or looking to make dramatic improvements, you’ll find personalized, expert support here. Let’s work together to improve your writing practice and attract better clients and publishing opportunities for you.


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What clients say

{ What clients say… }

Miranda defined our brand’s writing style & blog style guide… she was our go-to writer for over five years and we relied heavily on her depth of experience and strong skill set.

Kimberly L.

Creative Marketing Manager

Miranda’s a blast to work with, super creative and data-obsessed. I don’t know how she does it.

Rhys M.

Marketing Director in Finance

Miranda adds tremendous value to every relationship. She is one of the most professional writers I have come across and I highly recommend her to all others.

Miranda M.


15 years ago

{ 15 years ago… }

…I was stuck in a string of soul-sucking dead-end jobs. Higher education didn’t seem like the answer, as everywhere I looked my university-educated friends were struggling in the same underpaying jobs (but with a massive amount of student loan debt, to boot).

 I know there had to be a better way. And it didn’t happen overnight, but by 2014 I had built a six-figure freelance writing business

Today, I consult with big brands looking to get into publishing and ghostwrite for business leaders in finance, insurance, software, travel, and more. (You can learn more about my credentials and hear from clients here.)

The best part is… no one cares where I am.

As a writer, you can adapt your work to suit your life, rather than your life revolving around your work.

Selling your knowledge and creativity can be a fantastic way to create the kind of career that supports your lifestyle, rather than getting in its way. Whether you’re just beginning to consider a career in writing or are looking to level up, make more money, and run your business more efficiently, you’ll grow and thrive as a patron of mine.

There’s no great, big secret to writing success—but writing in the digital age can be a difficult landscape to navigate, and I can help you cut that learning curve.



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If you’re feeling unfulfilled

{ If you’re feeling unfulfilled and ready to explore the remote work lifestyle, you’re not alone. }

You can start building now, even if you’re already working full-time—and I can help. I didn’t want to create a static course with just a bit of information. I want to set you up for success with affordable, ongoing guidance and advice.


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