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Miranda consistently and masterfully turned simple, basic assignments into something smart, detailed, incisive, and insightful. She was excellent at meeting deadlines and delivered near-flawless copy consistently. I can’t in good conscience recommend anyone more highly.

Danny Goodwin

formerly Associate Editor, Search Engine Watch

Ghostwriting for Brands, Executives & Professionals

What’s your story?

Readers are inundated with a constant influx of information in social media, search, apps and more. How can you cut through the digital noise and truly connect?

I’ve been helping topic experts tell more compelling, engaging stories for over 15 years.  

Working with a ghostwriter requires mutual trust and respect; it’s a relationship I take seriously. That’s why most of my ghostwriting clients stay with me three years or longer (in fact, some have been with me for nearly a decade).

If you are struggling to find the time to author your own thought leadership materials or the inspiration to share your ideas with the world, give ghostwriting a try. Whether you respond best to being interviewed, brainstorming sessions, or writing rough notes, I can work with you to elevate your stories for top-tier publications.

While we were a client, Miranda was truly an extension of our marketing team. She consistently delivered high-quality content on time or in advance of the deadline, as well as innovative ideas to help elevate our company’s brand identity and digital presence.

Kimberly Lochhead

Creative Marketing Manager, Quark Expeditions

“What types of ghostwriting do you do?”

This is the top question people have when trying to find the right person to tell their stories. It’s an important consideration—the finished product must be completely yours, or what’s the point?

For that reason, I work closely with clients and am more a collaborator than an external resource. Here are just a few types of ghostwriting I specialize in, and how I work with clients:

Thought leadership articles.

If you’d like to build your online visibility, authority, and credibility, I can help. I work directly with executive, or may also be brought in by the brand or their agency. In any case, the first thing we do is determine your content needs and goals, then establish a schedule to ensure a regular cadence of interviewing, draft reviews, and revisions.


These may range from shorter lead generators to full-length manuscripts for online publishing. I most often work with in-house marketing teams to produce ebooks for brands.

Case studies and whitepapers.

When you need your data to tell a compelling story, I’m your secret weapon. I’ve worked with software engineers and data scientists, among other skilled professionals, to craft interesting stories around insights gleaned from client data, surveys, and other types of analytics.

A quick note about what I don’t do: In order to best serve my clients, I am rarely available for one-off writing gigs. Instead, I work on retainer with an agreed-upon set of deliverables or number of hours provided per month. This allows me to budget my time appropriately and ensure I can deliver on time, every time.

I rarely ghostwrite books—it has to be 100% the right fit. There’s no point in your having a ghostwriter who isn’t interested in your manuscript idea, so I have to be completely sold in order to take one on. That’s not to say it’s impossible, but you should have a solid familiarity with my writing style and be convinced I am the person to write your book if we’re going to entertain the idea. If that’s the case, I’m more than happy to discuss it with you.

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