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AI Content for Editors: A Pocket Guide to Generative AI Text Editing

The age of machine-generated content is upon us, and creatives are being challenged to adapt.

Whether or not you use ChatGPT and tools like it, writers, editors, and other content professionals you’re working with may.

Generative AI is here to stay, and learning how to get the most out of it should be a top priority for working editors in every genre and organization type.

Today, writers and editors need to know where AI can best assist in the content creation and publishing processes, when they’re working with machine-generated text, and how to treat it to reduce liability and improve content quality. Creatives and the editors they work with need not worry about losing jobs to AI.

AI Content for Editors: A Pocket Guide to Generative Text Editing (June 2023) is available now on Amazon.

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                                 Bill McFarlane is one of the most successful and trusted real estate agents in his region. He built his business on                                                                authentic relationships and excellent service, and needed an online presence to reflect those qualities. 

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