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How to Self Publish a Professional-Quality Print Book, Step-By-Step

Learn how to publish a professional-quality print book with step-by-step instruction from two experienced publishing professionals: a regional publisher and a managing editor.

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Bring Your Book to Life 

{ Bring Your Book To Life In Print }

Ready to take your manuscript from Word file to polished, professional print book? We’ll walk you through every step of the process of publishing a book in print so you can:

  • Save time, money, and frustration on your initial print run by ensuring your book is ready for the printer.
  • Share your stories, thought leadership, poetry, local history, or other content with the world in print format.
  • Avoid common self publishing mistakes that erode reader trust and confidence in your work.
  • Compare and evaluate your print options, then work with your printer effectively.
  • Stay out of hot water by citing sources properly and accounting for copyright in your editor, designer, and other contracts.
  • Price your book for a profitable print run.
  • Develop a marketing plan and build anticipation for your book launch (with templates).
  • Plan a book launch and get readers and media interested in attending.
  • Approach book shops, influencers, and other sellers with pricing and incentives that will help you make sales.
  • Produce a top-quality print book your colleagues, family, and readers will swear came out of a major publishing house.

Get started now and walk through the course at your own pace. We’ll provide the templates, advice, guidance and resources you’ll need as you prepare your book for its launch and first print run.


{ Testimonials }

“Maryann and Miranda are fairy book godmothers! My manuscript would seriously still be under my bed gathering dog hair, and cat hair – and all kinds of hair. I marvel that it has a real and hairless future!”

Jenny Parsons, author of Higgsfield Follies

“Maryann and Miranda, thank you for your guidance and encouragement. I continue to tell people that I have written a book and it’s becoming easier to overcome the Imposter Syndrome!”

Your PublishingMentors

{ Your Publishing Mentors }

Maryann Thomas – Publisher, Bookshop Proprietor

  • Publisher of over 150 books
  • Owner/operator of one of Canada’s oldest independent bookshops
  • Two-time recipient of the City of Owen Sound’s Cultural Award

Miranda Miller – Writer, Editor, Marketer

  • Managing Editor of B2B publication with 3 million monthly readers & 100+authors
  • CEO at creative agency
  • 15+ years ghostwriting including works for major publishers

Course curriculum

{ Course curriculum }

Get Ready for Success

Meet your instructors, share your vision for your print book, and establish your learning goals.

An Overview of the Publishing Process

Learn the differences between publishing and printing, compare self publishing vs using a conventional publisher, learn more about the business and tax considerations of publishing your own book.

Your Publishing Plan

Plan what your book will look like, learn about and compare print formats, price out your options, workshop your book title, craft compelling back cover description and author bio, and more.

Working Through The Pre-press Process

Learn all about front matter and the various important elements of a professionally published print book, discover time and frustration-saving prepress tips, get recommendations to work more effectively with editors and designers, determine your wholesale and retail prices, and more.

The Printing Process

Watch an interview with a book printer and learn how to work with them more successfully. Get tips on reviewing your printer’s proof to help produce an error-free print run.

Preparing for Promotion & Marketing

Learn how to evaluate your online presence, craft marketing messages that appeal to readers, tap into influencer marketing, and market your book online and off.

Sales and Distribution

Ready to get your book into the hands of eager readers? Learn how and where to sell your book and get expert tips on review copies, planning your book launch (including a media release template), approaching bookstores to sell your book, and more.

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